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v3.0 (LATEST)
- AUTORIG (new feature)
- Heatmap default skinning,  (new feature)
- Alpha exported PNG rendering (new feature)
- Vertex Sorting by bone sorting order (new feature)
- UI improvements
- Fixed 5.4 error
- Fixed Scaled skinning error
- Warning if you make an IK on 2 bones
- Fixed Material folder bug
- Fixed FFD non zero bug
- IK flip now animatable
- Multi Edit FFD controls
- Fix to allow FFDs to be modified after they've been created.
- Squash & Stretch fixes
- Skinning retains vertex colors
- Memory Management & GC optimisations
- Weight painting fixes
- Fixed weight handle control
- Fixed Unity 5.1 bug
- Fixed FFD undo bugs




- Multiple Bone IK
- New Smooth Weights (old one now uses CTRL & SHIFT)
- Square Mesh Triangulation, with 5 subdivision levels
- Auto creation of global_CTRL and parenting
- Mesh Centric UV Offsetting
- Multi-object sorting layer editing




-Unity 5 skinning bug fix

-Build Error bug fix

-No longer needs to be in Assets root folder

- Spline controls auto add to global control

-Default sets to quality to correct number of bones

-Removed PixelsToUnits Warning




- New Tabbed GUI

- FFD Free Form Deformations

- Spline Controls for tails, tenticles, and other bendy things

- Pose and Selection Loading/ Saving

- Render Png Sequence wit alpha




- All children bones now visible

- Selecting the bone now selects the bone pivot

- Ability to detach and reattach skin (keeping weights if you are in Edit Skin Weights mode)

- Controls automatically get removed from the global_ctrl on deletion

- Better Undo functionality when creating bones and editing skin weights

- Fixed Webplayer and Windows Mobile build error

- Fixed bug where sometimes you can't select a bone in bone creation tool




- Fixed Flip Runtime bug

- Fixed Overwrite Mesh bug (now saves to assets)

- Size of Bones/Controls/Vertex persists after save

- Unable to break skin weights by selecting None (removed this unnecessary option)

- Binding Skin Keeps Sorting Layer info

- No longer breaks hierachy when you put an IK on the end of 2 bones

- Global_Ctrl Combine Meshes Keeps Update Offscreen Info




- Bake animation to bones button (bakes control animation onto bones as keyframes)
- Improved Create Bone Tool, Backspace to delete, Alt click to add bones, shift to move individual bone, ctrl to move bone & hierachy
- Edit skin weights colors highlighted bones
- Fixed Mesh Creation sprite pivot bug
- Fixed sorting layer bug




- Choice of 4 Different Sprite To Mesh Conversions
- Improved Default Skinning (choice between 1 or 2 bone skinning)
- Refresh Global Control Button
- Sorting Layer Exposed on Meshes
- Flipping characters no longer breaks with PolygonCollider2D or 3d Box Colliders 
- Custom Pivot Allowed on Spritesheet sprites
- Other Mesh Conversion Bug Fixes




- Ability to rotate character into any axis plane from global_CTRL
- Bone Scaler size now goes between 0 & 1, accounts for much smaller scales. 
- Move bones with "CTRL" using Create Bone Tool
- More prominent Bone Creation & Edit Skin Weights
- Refresh toggle on global_CTRL allows you to manually rearrange control execution order if turned off (for the more advanced user)
- Vertex Handles default to controls layer
- Fixed bug to stop you from trying to skin sprites,bones or controls




- Mesh Combining checkbox on Global_CTRL, this will combine all the skinned meshes into 1 drawcall.
- Control & Bone Sizing improvement
- Ability to Scale Bones via Controls
- Convert to mesh keeps layer & sorting layer info
- Undo Converting sprite with polygon2dcollider to mesh no longer deletes mesh
- Convert mesh has a more intelligent asset creation, asking you if you want to overwrite previous mesh & material




- Improved Sprite To Mesh Conversion 
- Fixed IOS mode bone creation bug
- Flip Checkbox on the Global_CTRL




- multi bone bug
- Creating prefabs made the meshes dissappear (now they get saved in Assets/Puppet2D/Models/)
- Not being able to build bug



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